The most beautiful waterfalls in Mauritius

The most beautiful waterfalls in Mauritius

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Ah, Mauritius! Well known for its idyllic beaches and dazzlingly beautiful lagoons. But don’t be fooled, my friends, there are infinitely more precious treasures hidden in its belly. As you venture into the labyrinth of its verdant interior, breathtaking forests meet you, along with a multitude of majestic waterfalls. The peculiarities of Mauritius’ volcanic terroir give rise to fabulous rugged waterfalls where water cuts its way through intimidating cliffs and abyss-deep gorges. Now’s your chance to marvel at some of the most spectacular waterfalls this island nation has to offer.

Rochester Falls:
An aquatic spectacle of breathtaking proportions

On the edge of the peaceful village of Souillac, in a green setting to the south of the island, you’ll find a spectacular sight: the region’s most imposing waterfall. Nestled at a modest distance of 2.5 km, it reveals itself at the bend in the sugarcane plantations.

Rochester Falls stands out from the crowd with a fascinating geological feature. In fact, its rocks have been sculpted and divided into rectangular fragments by the relentless action of erosion over time. They are an impressive testimony to the impetuous force of nature.

This waterfall, which rises to a height of ten meters, offers an extraordinary panorama. You’ll have the chance to watch the most daring adventurers embark on a vertiginous descent, to land in the natural basin that has been carved out at its feet over the centuries.

The spectacular Alexandra Falls show:
an iconic waterfall

Nestled in the heart of the spectacular Rivière Noire gorges, it’s a living postcard, offering unrivalled panoramic views of the picturesque southeast coast and the majestic expanse of ocean beyond.

Perched over seven hundred meters above the sea horizon, the waterfall is a wilderness setting, populated by Chinese guavas (a tiny, wild fruit, glowing red or gold) and regularly welcoming mischievous monkeys who come to frolic. Efforts have been spared to create a belvedere on the site, a platform from which to linger and revel in the dreamlike environmental richness of the gorge.

Composed of several jets of water that delicately skim the rocks with innate grace, the waterfall gives the impression, from afar, of a white ribbon of liquid winding its way through the greenery.

The majestic spectacle of the Chamarel waterfall:
a marvel of undisputed supremacy

Nestling in the heart of the splendid Vallée des Sept Couleurs Nature Reserve in Chamarel, it is the steepest waterfall on the island. In fact, its flow spills over a dizzying height of one hundred metres, giving it visibility in many places. Its setting – a dense, lush forest – is literally breathtaking. Home to the tributaries of three separate watercourses originating from the imposing Rivière Saint-Denis, this majestic waterfall splits fields and gorges on its way to the ocean, offering visitors a breathtakingly beautiful spectacle. Downstream, it gives way to a delightful cove – a paradise for swimmers. The picturesque setting is enhanced by volcanic rocks that are tens of millions of years old, giving the environment a historical dimension.

The Seven Waterfalls: quintessential authenticity

Also known as the Chutes de Tamarin, these natural treasures, nestled in the heart of the island, tumble down with unsuspected majesty. Whether we’re talking about a hodgepodge of waterfalls or deep gorges, the site boasts seven, perfectly reflecting its name. However, be prepared to follow a route that’s not necessarily obvious, as there are no signposted itineraries and access requires great caution. The ideal solution is to enlist the expertise of a seasoned guide who can take you there in complete safety. And it’s precisely this impenetrable nature that reinforces the undeniable charm of the premises, making them a veritable haven of peace, conducive to disconnection and rejuvenation. There’s plenty to do: swimming in natural pools, exciting canyoning, shivering abseiling or long walks immersed in nature, which can take up to 7 hours to explore.

The fascinating spectacle of the Grande Rivière Sud-Est waterfall: a star attraction

The Grande Rivière Sud-Est waterfall is a must-see before heading off to Île aux Cerfs, and one of the most popular emblematic sites on the island. A natural wonder, its discovery reveals a picturesque landscape between the sea mouth and the winding path criss-crossing the sugarcane fields by land. Whichever route you take, you’ll be captivated by the subtle, grandiose metamorphosis of the scenery. Tumultuous waters gush and bubble down an immense basalt cliff, offering an impressive and memorable visual spectacle. Like a symbol of natural power, these waters come from the country’s longest river, 30 km long. Some more adventurous visitors even allow themselves vertiginous jumps from the top of this waterfall.

The dazzling spectacle of the Cascade d’Eau Bleue :
Tropical extravagance

Also known by the poetic name of Cascade Rama, this natural wonder reaches an eloquent height of fifteen metres. Nestled humbly in the country’s verdant south, where the Route de Cluny winds its way towards the prestigious Mare-Chicose, the Cascade d’Eau Bleue is revered as a true natural treasure, long preserved from the curiosity of passers-by. Its harmonious composition of three distinct waterfalls offers an unparalleled aquatic spectacle, with the Mamzel cascade by far the most easily accessible to tireless adventurers. Their aquatic ballet comes to a beautiful close in an azure-blue pool so intense it’s hypnotizing. This unreal, bewitching hue is tangible proof of the incredible wealth of underground springs that generously nourish the show during the scorching tropical summer. More than just a pool, this undeniably beautiful haven of peace is a focal point for bathing enthusiasts in search of original purity. No one could dispute the fact that it is majestically positioned among the most exhilarating and emblematic sites on Mauritius.

The striking illusion of Le Morne’s underwater waterfall

This breathtaking natural wonder can only be contemplated by venturing over the south-western tip of the island.

In the shadow of Le Morne, the spectacle is breathtaking: a surge of sand, propelled by imposing waves and the impetuous current of this region, merges with the turquoise waters that gradually melt into the dark blue immensity. This creates what looks like a majestic waterfall engulfed by the ocean, a breathtaking visual lure. In truth, it’s a mystical waterfall plunging into the Indian Ocean that looks so real it more than justifies a daring helicopter tour.

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